1. Services and benefits for the basic members

Moottori (Motor) Magazine and other publications

The membership magazine of the AL, Moottori, is published 9 times a year. It gives information about cars, traffic, traffic policy, touring, motor sports etc. The AL-members receive it free of charge. The AL also publishes yearly calculations of kilometre costs (only available in the web), log books and service booklets which members can buy at a special membership rate.

AL 24-hour service centre

The service centre of AL renders service to all road users in Finland around the clock. The service centre does not only arrange road service but also gives guidance and advice in other situations. AL members use their own number and phone to the centre with a price of the phone net charge. The private number for members only can be seen on the membership card. Non-members must dial 0200-8080 and pay 1,95 €/min + the phone net charge.

Following information can be obtained from the centre: road service, towing, replacing transport modes, rush hour information, road weather and condition of roads, road works, garages, service and petrol stations, free ferries for the island traffic, shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants and accommodation. If some service is ordered through this service centre, the costs of the service will be charged from the client.

Travel services of Autoliitto

The AL has active co-operation with its foreign sister organisations (e.g. ADAC in Germany, Motormännen in Sweden or AAA in USA). The travel unit of AL is the only office in Finland focused on travelling by car. Trained service advisors will find solutions to the trickiest questions.

The AL gets the latest information about travel documents and regulations required in different countries from its head organisation FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). The AL issues e.g. international driving licences, USA enclosures, international camping cards and hostel cards.

Country information on the Internet

In the AL website there is a section called “Matkakohteet”, in which comprehensive information has been collected about more than 40 countries. The information includes traffic regulations, penalties, speed limits, motorway tolls, required documents or insurances etc. Part of the information is visible only for AL members.

Maps, guide books, GPS devices and safety articles from AL Shop

There is a supply of more than 200 articles including maps, atlases, touring and accommodation guide books available in AL Shop. AL members get these at a cheaper price compared to non-members. The most usable guide book is called ”Autoillen Euroopassa” (In Europe by car), which is published by AL. AL offers also various travel guides of its own publication.

Annual foreign publications like ”Links und Rechts der Autobahn” and ”Europe Camping and Caravaning” are also sold in great amounts. AL sells Garmin’s and TomTom’s GPS devices. In addition, AL sells safety equipment like first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Before a car journey it is advisable to check, in which countries such equipment can be required.

You can find the AL Shop here.

Domestic accommodation benefits

Lomarengas offers 5 % off the holiday cottage rental prices. Please, check the details from LomarengasSee details here.

The complete list of domestic accommodation benefits can be found here.

For more information, please call to AL Helsinki office: (09) 7258 4400.

Member benefits on accommodation abroad

Autoliitto has negotiated some accommodation benefits abroad to its members. Reductions are usually a certain percentage of the normal prices, upgrade of a room etc. All these resorts are listed on here.

Member benefits on car ferries

The members of AL get reduction on car ferry prices on condition that the reservations are made and tickets are bought in the AL. This also refers to members of AL’s foreign sister clubs, except for Finnlines journeys.

Finnlines offers 5 % discount of passenger, vehicle and cabin prices. Reservations and the tickets via Autoliitto.

Tallink offers 5 % discount of the ticket prices. Reservations and the tickets via Autoliitto.

Silja Line offers 5 % discount of the ticket prices. Reservations and the tickets via Autoliitto.

Viking Line offers special package/cruise prices to AL members. Reservations and the tickets via Autoliitto.

Eckerö Line offers 10-50 % discount of passenger, vehicle and cabin prices.

The ferry tickets can be ordered by mail matkailu@autoliitto.fi or by a phone call to AL Helsinki office (09) 7258 4400.

Car rental benefits

Autoliitto has negotiated car rental benefits for its members with the following car rental offices:

  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Scandia Rent
  • Sixt
  • Firent
  • Eurorent
  • Touring Cars

Discounts are valid when reservations are made in advance. Reservations should be done directly from the car rental offices. Details concerning reservations and the needed discount codes can be found here. More details about reservations can be seen when logged in with member ID.

Legal and consumer advisory service

There are about 40 contracted legal advisors, who give the members free legal consultation in one specific matter not lasting more than 20 minutes. These lawyers can plead your cause and you can get a 10 % -discount on their attorney’s fee. The discount can be 84-150 € at the most depending on the advisor. Contact information of these contracted lawyers you will see by clicking here.

Technical service

Autoliitto offers its members technical advice during office hours when needed. For technical advice please call (09) 7258 4400.

Improvement of consumer protection for the motorist

The AL plays an active role in Autoalan Kuluttajaneuvottelukunta (AUNE) i.e. This negotiation committee is made up of both consumers and representatives of the car business.

Further, Autoliitto also gives statements to Finnish parliament and to several authorities, when new traffic, vehicle or tourism related laws are drafted.

Internationally Autoliitto represents the Finnish motorists in the global head organisation FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) and receives through it valuable information and testing materials for the benefit of AL members.

Benefits of petrol prices

The AL members get discount on petrol prices in Neste stations with their plastic membership cards.

More details on the petrol benefits here.

Benefits from insurance company Fennia

AL member can save in annual insurance premiums and get a more comprehensive cover for his car. Please find more detailed information on Autoliitto’s internet page here or from Fennia.

K1 inspection stations

The members of AL get their periodical technical inspection 10 % discount. AL membership card must be shown to get this benefit. Click here for details of the offer. Locations of the K1 inspection stations by clicking here.

Anticorrosive treatments

The company Finikor gives a 40 € discount of the catalogue prices for all Finikor’s anti-rust treatments and 25 € discount of the treatment of the coat of paint (Brilliant). Finikor stations can be found here.

Benefits from opticians

Silmäasema gives to AL members 30 % off the glasses and 20 % off the sunglasses. Contact information here.

Activities, recreation and learning

Members interested in motor sports only can join the AL’s local clubs all over the country either as competitors or as officials. They can choose from car orientation, rally, racing, ice racing, go-kart and mini-car driving etc. It is also possible for members to participate at group tours, club activities, traffic competitions, driving skill competitions and at the Finnish championships.

The AL considers it very important that further training will be given to motorists in order to improve the driving economy and the traffic safety. The AL or its local clubs arrange various courses where motorists can learn how to make their driving more economical. The courses also give instructions on driving in the dark or on icy roads.

2. Additional services for Plus members

If you are a Plus member Autoliitto takes up the costs arising from an unforeseen breakdown of the vehicle by which you are on the move. You will get without additional payment even such services, which are not compensated by most insurance policies, e.g. delivery of fuel, change of tyre or a replacement car.

The cover is personal, thus it does not matter, if you are a driver or a passenger in a vehicle which faces a breakdown. The vehicle only must meet following criteria: it must be registered in Finland for private use, it may not exceed the age of 15 years and the total weight of the vehicle may nor be more than 4000 kg.

Following services are included in the Plus membership when the journey breaks down: service and consultation by phone, arrangement of services, road service, towage, fuel delivery, change of tyre, replacement car, use of other means of transport, accommodation, collection of the repaired car from the garage.

Plus membership costs 52 € in addition to the basic membership fee. The 24-hour-cover is valid everywhere in Finland and in over 40 other European countries.

Plus membership cards bear the phone number of the AL assistance service centre. All required services due to a breakdown will be arranged through this one phone number. Autoliitto takes up the journey continuation costs also for Plus member’s co-travellers, who are having a drive with him in the same vehicle.

If the spouse, the partner or the children in the age from 18 to 20 years living in the same household with the parents, has/have signed on AL family membership, they can use the assistance services of the Plus membership holder even if they are on the move without the Plus member.

The Plus member should make an announcement to Autoliitto about the family members and tell that the spouse and/or the children are entitled to use the services of his assistance cover.

It is possible to join to the Plus membership via internet (click here) or by phone (09) 7258 4400.

Contact information:

Automobile and Touring Club of Finland

Hämeentie 105 A
00550 Helsinki
Office hours: please check them here
Tel. (09) 7258 4400
Fax (09) 7258 4460
E-mail: autoliitto (at) autoliitto.fi

Member benefits

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