The service number dedicated to members is printed on the back side of the AL membership card.

Price of the phone call: local network fee.
All the services ordered by the AL Assistance Service Centre are liable to a charge.

The available services and information through the AL Assistance Service Centre:

  • Road service
  • Towing
  • Car rental
  • Garages
  • Service and petrol stations
  • Condition of roads and weather
  • Road repairs
  • Ferries between the islands and ferries as part of the road network where no bridges are available
  • Shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Cafes and restaurants

AL members can get price discounts on some services. When ordering a service it is advisable to ask in advance, how much the service will cost and to make an agreement about the method of payment.

Plus membership covers the assistance costs

Plus members get a separate free phone number via which they will get help, if they have a breakdown on the journey. The number is printed on the Plus membership card. The number is also stated in the Plus membership instructions, which will be sent/have been sent to all Plus members. Autoliitto takes the responsibility in the name of all Plus members, for the costs, which have incurred due to rendered assistance services that the AL Assistance Service Centre has ordered (e.g. road service, towing, replacement car or other means of transport).

Click here for more information about the Plus membership.