Plus membership


Plus membership is the only type of service which enables you to continue the interrupted journey, and is personally given to you, and not to the vehicle you use. By virtue of this it is easy and carefree to move on, since you do not ever have to think when changing from one vehicle to another what kinds of services you have at your disposal, or who meets the assisting costs occurred, if you will have a breakdown on your journey.

You can e.g. during the morning have a drive by your car, then enjoy the freedom on your motorcycle in the afternoon and get a lift from your mate when going shopping in the evening. In all previous situations the services of Autoliitto’s Plus membership are at your disposal as well as at disposal of those travelling with you in the same vehicle. The Plus members’ 24-hour roadside assistance services are not only available in Finland, but in most of the other European countries, too.

You get the Plus member’s services by one phone call 24 hours per day.

Following services are included in the Plus membership when the journey breaks down:

  • service and consultation by phone
  • arrangement of services
  • road service
  • towage
  • fuel delivery
  • change of tyre
  • replacement car
  • use of other means of transport
  • accommodation
  • collection of the repaired car from the garage

The primary target is always to try to ensure that your journey could be continued by the vehicle of your own after it has been attended by road service patrol. The high quality of AL services is based on more than 50 years roadside assistance experience.

No matter what the situation is, AL takes care that you and those travelling with you come to the intended destination, and if necessary, AL sees that your vehicle is taken to an appropriate garage.

Plus membership is personal

Autoliitto’s Plus membership is personal. Thus you can in the morning come to the work by the car of your own, then go for a lunch getting a lift from your colleague in his car provided by the employer, and finally you can relax by having a motorcycle ride in the evening. For the weekend you can travel off with a family you are acquainted with, being a passenger in their mobile home. The services of Plus membership are automatically at your disposal and at disposal of those travelling with you in the same vehicle. It is sufficient that you are in the vehicle, which faces a breakdown.

You can be on the move in several types of vehicles

The vehicle you are in can be a private car, a delivery van, a mobile home or a motorcycle. You do not need to own the vehicle, but it must be registered in Finland for private use. In Finland there is no age limit for the vehicle, abroad it may not exceed the age of 15 years. The total weight of the vehicle may not be more than 4000 kg. The age and weight of the vehicle can be controlled when assistance is rendered. Also in such cases that there is a trailer attached to the above mentioned vehicles and the trailer faces a malfunction which prohibits the journey to be continued it is possible to use the Plus membership’s services.

The services can also be used, if you are on the move in Finland by a private car or a motorcycle having a Finnish museum registration.

Plus membership services are available by one phone call

Plus membership cards bear the phone number of the AL assistance service centre. The phone number is in operation both in Finland and abroad. There is 24-hour-emergency duty each day of the year. All required services due to a breakdown will be arranged through this one phone number.

Autoliitto takes up the assistance costs

Autoliitto pays the costs of services included in the Plus membership for all cases in which the service centre of Plus members has arranged the services. Autoliitto takes up the journey continuation costs also for Plus member’s co-travellers, who are having a drive with him in the same vehicle.

Plus membership is valid almost everywhere in Europe

Plus membership is valid in 40 European countries or geographical areas. The validity is continued always one membership period at a time.

Plus membership is inexpensive

The fee for Autoliitto’s Plus membership is 125 euros per year. If you already are Autoliitto’s Basic Member, we take into account the membership fee already paid and send an additional invoice only for the service level increase (the amount also depends on the time your Basic membership is still valid at the time of the membership change).

Plus membership can be extended to other members of the family

When you are a Plus member of Autoliitto, other members of the family living in the same household with you may use the services of your assistance membership, even if they are on the move without you, just on the condition that they have paid the AL family membership fee of 39 euros. An exemplary calculation shows that the combined Plus membership fees for the individual member plus the family member are 125 + 39 = 164 euros per year.

For fresh driving licence holders the services of Plus membership mean great security and guaranteed help, if something happens unexpectedly.

You can join Plus membership here or by calling (09) 7258 4400.

Covered countries

Plus membership services are available on public roads, on private roads open for public use, on streets in tensely populated areas and on parking places.

Roadside assistance services are valid in:

Finland, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (also San Marino and Vatican), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (also Madeira and Azores), Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (incl. Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland (incl. Liechtenstein) and Turkey (both European and Asian side).